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About Peachtree Interactive

Business Video Ideas

It is common knowledge that video is now more important than ever in the enterprise. Whether it's for learning and training, employee communication and collaboration, knowledge sharing, marketing, or other purposes – VIDEO WORKS!. In a world with dispersed workforces and a wide range of devices and systems, video promotes creativity, collaboration, and knowledge retention. See how easy it is to set up a full hub for all the live and on-demand video in your organization.

Knowledge Sharing/Training

Training videos are much more convenient and cost-effective than employing trainers. Investment on a training video is a one off expense, but it can perform for years, anywhere in the world at any time. Why not create a video that will best equip your staff through knowledge and education in a visual and engaging way that will help them make more sales for your business?

Corporate Events

Planning corporate events take alot of time, hard work and energy. Covering the event. You will be able to share the event with clients, media outlets, employees, and potential customers that cannot make the event or can be used to reference previous events. For that ever reason with video it will make it worthwhile.

Marketing & Branding

A promotional video can be your star salesman. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is never late and is available anytime, anywhere and on demand. Promotional videos are precise and focused marketing sales tools, created to directly promote a particular service or product.

Product, Service & Presentations

Every business offers a service or product. Why depend solely on salespeople to communicate your service / products benefits? A short, sharp video can explain all your service or products USP's to its target audience quickly, effectively and in an engaging way 24/7, giving confidence to potential customers.

How To and DIY

Establish your self as an accomplished expert on any conceivable topic. Show users how experts do it while providing great customer support and customer service without the expense of hiring the personnel by giving users videos that show them how to use your products and services.

News & Announcements

Video press release and announcements is a communication directed at members of the news media, clients and other interrested parties for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.

The Cornerstone of Your Organization's Video Strategy.
Contact us to learn how we can boost your business with video.

Reach Your Target Market

A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy. The target market and the marketing mix variables of get targeting, time of day targeting, language targeting and device targeting are the four elements of a marketing mix strategy that determine the success of a product/service in today's interactive marketplace. Our advertising campaign tools and media distribution options are second to none and will amaze you at how you can reach your target market with pinpoint accuracy.

Gwinnett Business Video Directory

The Gwinnett Video Directory is an App that sells your business because we aggregate hundreds of relevant Video ads into a single App and provide your video ranked to your user's specific inquiries.

Direct Response

Interactive products, services and solutions that provide direct responses for various targeting scenarios with specific calls for action.

T.O.D. Targeting

Time Of Day Targeting. We also also provide a time of day broadcasting feature for your time sensitive Searchmercial campaigns.

GEO Targeting

Locational Targeting. GEO Targeting Reach the right audience, with geographically targeted advertisements.

Device Targeting

We can also enable device targeting features to facilitate device specific calls for action.

Media Solutions

Centralized Media Library

Centralized Media Library

Manage all your media content from anywhere across the web in one centralized media library, use outside hosting services such as YouTube, DaylyMotion, Facebook or use our very own World Wide Content Delivery Network, Encoding/Transcoding and Cloud Storage Solutions.

Media creation Options

Media Creation Options

From our DIY (Do It Yourself) Production Solution, to hiring production companies, to requesting quotes or bids for those more elaborate media projects, we have a media production solution for you.

Standarized Enterprise Social Networking

Standarized Enterprise Social Networking

Communicate with employees, clients, subsidiearies potential customers, and others via our SESN Platform (Standarized Enterprise Social Networking) and manage your social connection and media across all social networks and platforms. Engage, Connect and Share!

Create Great Concepts, Internal Business Collaboration, Deliver Media To Audiences.

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